Why Doctors Injected HIV Into a Dying Girl

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I can't believe I just watched a team of real doctors inject a 6-year-old girl with a deadly disease ... and smiled. Who knew something called a "serial killer" cell could bring so much unforgettable joy and happiness?

-- Ray Flores, Upworthy

Isn't it AMAZING that a little girl who was sentenced to death had the HIV virus injected in her and she is now healthy and alive? I know the cure for some cancers and HIV is coming ... I feel it and I am crying tears of Joy for her and for myself and millions around the world. Isn't it ironic that a disease that has been stigmatized -- so much ignorance around the HIV virus and so, so much discrimination -- is actually saving lives and who knows how many with cancer such as this little angel will be saved? The once ostracized HIV patients like myself and what some called as 'the ones CURSED by GOD' will help others with cancer? so Ironic..so beautiful..so good to finally be talked about in a loving and positive way! Imagine that!!! HIV PATIENTS SAVING CANCER PATIENTS THAT HAVE NO HOPE! Hope and faith is something I will never lose ...

and you should never lose it as well.

Love and Light

Maria T Mejia? -- feeling happy.

[EDITOR'S NOTE 6/28/13: An earlier version of this blog entry failed to properly attribute the opening two sentences. We regret the error.]