Why do doctors give me conflicting information about HIV testing? I am soooooooooo confused,


Dear Dr.Dezube, You said that if someone is negative at 6 months, there is impossible to become positive after an exposure. But, Why the doctors give the people the conflicted information?

A doctor - 3 months A doctor - 6 months A doctor - 6 months and 12 months A doctor - possibility over 2 years

If you were me, Aren't you confused of these?



I certainly can understand your confusion. It should come as no surprise that doctors might vary a bit in terms of information. This is simply a result of human nature. Thebody.com has much to say on this topic. I personally follow the recommendations of the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). Click on the home page of thebody.com and choose "AIDS Basic and Prevention". Then click on "HIV testing". My favorite entity is the CDC's "Frequently asked questions"; The CDC clearly recommends 6 months as the limit. I think their recommendation is an excellent one. I'm sure you can find physicians and other health providers who would recommend otherwise. So the answer to your question as to why you get conflicting information is the same answer to the question of why some folks like the chocolate outside of Oreo cookies, whereas others like the vanilla inside. I stick by my answer that NO testing is necessary after 6 months. Anyway, here's the link to the CDC frequently asked questions. Check it out!!