doctor touched my penis with a pen (literally) and told me i can get aids from kissing (donation on the way)


Hi doc a doctor not as lovely as yourself was looking at my penis and then touched it with a pen now i am paranoid that it broke the skin because i have a skin problem down there (he didnt mean to touch it but he was pointing at it) he is a derm and had just popped another womans somthing or other (i heard her as i walked into his room saying "yea he just popped it" what if there was some blood in the pen that he maybe had been using after poppin this womans thing then the pen broke my skin

would i be at risk for hep or hiv

this guy is obviously not a good doctor as he told me that i can get aids from kissing before getting it from sex! and put a pen near my penis

ugh! please respond donation on the way

thanks wtf mate!



Do you really think a dermatologist even one as clumsy and clueless as the one you describe would pop a woman's "something or other" with his pen? Silly boy. Dermatologists have specialized thingamajigs to pop something-or-others. Everyone knows that!

Your HIV and hepatitis risk is completely nonexistent. However, I don't recommend you return to see this dermatologist, as his HIV transmission information is alarmingly inaccurate. And that doesn't bode well for the rest of his medical knowledge base.

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Stay well.

Dr. Bob