My Doctor says HIV can travel down pubic hair - worried


Hi Doctor Bob,

I had sex with a girl of positive status but I used a condom. I am 22 and really worried cause my GP says that abstinence is the only way to truly prevent HIV transmission because he says HIV can attach to and travel along pubic hair and therefore into the interior of the condom where it could then enter any breaks in the skin or possibly the urethra. He says that this is true especially for the newer drug resistant strains. I really like this girl - we are dating and want to continue to date but we are both so horny that its driving us insane that we can't even have protected sex. I had sex with her exactly three months ago and got my three month test which was negative. I told my doc this but he said - 'its only a matter of time'. I am not prepared to shave down there and neither is she. Is this doc just a misinformed christian valued looney? Since you are an expert on transmission I will take your word over his so if you could give me the all clear to have protected sex with her that would be great so I can break this three month drought of sexual activity.

Thanking you kindly,

James (& Jeneane)


Hi James and Jeneane,

Your GP told you "HIV can attach to and travel along pubic hair and therefore into the interior of the condom where it could then enter any breaks in the skin or possible the urethra and that this is especially true for the newer drug-resistant strains????" WHAT???? Oh my, my, my . . . . Not only is your doc a misinformed Christian-valued looney, he's either got an extra chromosome or he's frankly lying. Either way, I'd suggest you get your medical records and kiss that loser goodbye ASAP!

His political agenda and brazenly unscientific comments are about as subtle as a flying brick, which is usually the case with these rightwing religious zealot wingnuts.

So let's start with a few facts:

  1. HIV cannot attach to nor travel along pubic hair. No way. No how! His comment that this is "especially true for the newer drug-resistant strains" further proves this poor excuse for a physician is all foam and no beer!

  2. HIV cannot permeate intact latex. No way. No how!

The one thing Dr. Zealot said that is true is that abstinence can prevent HIV transmission. However, it also causes blue balls and sexual frustration and is not a viable option for most healthy horny adults. Consequently latex condoms and safer sexual techniques are a more reasonable way to remain healthy, sane and satisfied.

Since Jeneane is HIV positive, I assume she is under the care of an HIV physician specialist. If not, she should be. Why not accompany her to her next appointment and discuss HIV prevention and transmission issues with her doctor. Chances are he or she will be much more honest and realistic about HIV risk and safer sexual practices. Hopefully her doctor, if he cannot take you on as a patient, will be able to refer you to a more competent and compassionate physician who is more focused on saving lives than saving souls.

It's time for the drought to end and I see a hurricane of good (safe) times headed in your direction. Just remember to wear your raincoat!

Dr. Bob