Doctor said Regular Blood Tests would show Signs of HIV Infection


Hello Dr.

I wanted to tell you what an amazing job you do. You are such a good person who deserves all the respect in the world!

My question to you is that, I had a fairly low risk exposure back in october: received unprotected oral and had protected vaginal with a woman who has been with a lot of partners. I am only 20 and it was my first time, but ever since that night i lost my judgement, I've been having symptoms that started in mid december they are: fatigue, pain in groin, neck, and armpits, burning sensation in right foot, dry skin on palms. This all started when I looked up fatigue on the internet and the first site that came up was an hiv site, this made me really worried and of course I went in and looked up what other symptoms could be, they all started showing up after that, I've had no fever though. I told my doctor and he ordered some blood tests but not an hiv test, he said if I had any disease it would show in my regular blood work. Does that sound right to you? and also I was tested for chlamydia which was negative and urine was clear and he said no further testing was neccessary. But I'm still very worried and my symptoms are most likely anxiety and not ars or hiv. What do you think? I will donate money to your gracious foundation. Do you accept Canadian money?

Stay well! and Stay Healthy! We all love you

Sincerely, Ryan


Hello Ryan,

Your HIV risk is minimal at best. Unprotected oral carries a very low risk and "protected" vaginal sex is protected if the latex condom was used properly and did not fail.

Your symptoms are not worrisome for HIV ARS. That they appeared after you read about them on the Internet would indicate they are psychogenic rather than physiologic.

Do I think you are HIV infected? No, I do not.

Do I agree with your doctor that "any disease" would be detectable in routine blood work? No, I do not. The only way to determine if you've contracted HIV following a potential exposure is to have an HIV-specific test. Being HIV positive would not show up on routine blood work.

Most likely your physician did not believe your level of potential exposure warranted HIV testing; however, if you feel you've placed yourself at risk and are worried (which clearly you are), then an HIV test may well be the most efficient and effective way to calm your anxieties and put your worried mind to rest. Since more than three months has lapsed since your lapse in judgment, an HIV-antibody test will provide you with a definitive result. Tests taken prior to three months are not considered conclusive.

Thanks you for your willingness to make a donation to my foundation. Donation information can be found on our Web site at Yes, we gratefully accept all currencies!

I'll send my best good-luck karma that your HIV test is negative and that your symptoms, as well as your anxieties, resolve quickly, as I strongly anticipate they will once you realize you are HIV negative.

Good luck. Stay safe. Stay well.

Dr. Bob