Doctor Please don't ignore this, I know I'm infected


I am 100 percent sure I have HIV. I previously mentioned that both myself and my wife both experienced shingles. Now I have constant intense headaches, major abdominal pains and a sore, raw throat that hurts very much. I have had a white spot on my right swollen tonsil for over a month now that did not go away or improve with three rounds of antibiotics. My throat hurts and I have muscle aches all over. I know I have HIV but have tested negative to 36 weeks, what can I do?



You are 100% sure you have HIV and have tested HIV negative out to 36 weeks? Hmm. Sorry, but I disagree with your self diagnosis. Testing HIV negative out to 36 weeks is considered definitive and conclusive. A negative FDA-approved HIV-antibody test outside the window period trumps symptoms each and every time.

I can't diagnose the cause of your symptoms over the Internet, but what I can do with complete confidence is advise you what is not causing them: It's not HIV. No way. No how. No further HIV testing is warranted.

My advice is:

Stop perseverating on an illness that you do not have: HIV!

Follow up with a good general internist for any persistent problems or symptoms. But remember, these are not HIV related.

Read through the archives of this forum; particularly the chapter entitled "I'm Positive I'm Positive."

Dr. Bob