Doctor not wearing gloves during a procedure.


I just recently had laser resurfacing done at a dermatologist's office. Right after the procedure was done, while my face was incredibly bloody and raw, he put a moisturizer all over the newly open skin. I noticed he was not wearing any gloves. Now I am completely worried that I could have contracted hepititas or hiv from him doing this. Is this possible? Thanks for taking the time to read this and for the great work your organization does.


Thanks for your question,

There is absolutely no risk from the situation you're talking about. While your blood raw face could be considered a way for HIV or Hepatitis to get inside your body.. the doctor's hands would have needed to be covered in HIS (HIV+) blood. Not microscopic drops of blood. Not "maybe I didn't notice." There would've needed to be a significant amount of blood! Sounds like that in no way happened.

Hope this helps!