doctor bob you keep ignoring me please ifeel am so depressed why wont you answer me !!! you helped me so much now your leaving me in the dark


docotr you already know who i am. wife wants a child dont know if im clear"

is there anychance I could have HIV? i took a test today and it was negitive 24 weeks after. please help me

if you dont want to answer please just post NO to meletting me know you wont answer.

can I still try to have a child!!! or no

I still ahve lymph nodes about double the size of peas please help

Please doctor BOB !!!! last time I need you

hi doctor bob, i beg you please answer my last question i will be sure to inclde everything so I wont write anymore!!! thank you

my college grades are suffering! 'wife wants a child dont know if i am in the clear it was on march 11!

okay so me and my wife have been trying to have a chold no luck just yet but we are keeping trying.

so the more we are having intercourse the more im a little scared that im oging to infect her and my future child. you sounded very certain in my other post that there is no way what i have is HIV!!!

so anyway I took another test today it was a rapid blod test guess what Im sure youll be real suprised to know that it was NEGITIVE again!!!!!!! lol this test was about my 14-15 test and im on week 24 and 3 days!!! the occurence happend OCtober 26 07. I know the exact date because I had to be somewhere very important the next morning.

a recap for people viewing my post.

unprotected oral and vaginal sex one time thing!

3 weeks later red spots under penis opening (neg herpes swab) took 2 months to go away (dermato.gist said contact dermatitis) hard for me to believe!

4 weeks ater unprotected sex got sick!!! white spots on tonsils,cough diarrah for about 2 days, lost my voice, headaches, pink eye in both eyes, mild fever off and on 99.5-100.5, and a sore throat!

Doctor bob you said this did not sound like ARS!

about a months later I got swollen lymph nodes about double pea sized there still there almost 5 months later. and sore throat took about 4 months to subside, but throat still feels alittle weird.

okay now to my questions.

  1. i tested for hep b at 10 weeks and it was negitive. (dont know if it could be HEP B becasue girl is a nurses aid, think she would have to been vaccinated.

but on oct 2007 "failed suicide"

my symptoms match his identical.

when is the time I need to test for hep b. wife has been vaccinated thats why I still keep trying for child.

  1. can I keep trying to have a child with my wife?

  2. have you ever seen a negitive 24 week test turn poitive? is it possiable? there have been NO More possiable expousers.

  3. CAN I be 100% whoo hooable as far as HIV is concerend

I have never done drugs not even smoked pot.

the only thing I do is drink every now and then!

donation will be sent as soon as I get some cash thank you doctor bob!!! you rock, so does Obama



Stop whining already! Frevinsakes! (I've combined just two of your many posts)

I haven't responded to your frequent posts, because I already answered you and I have nothing new to add. Continuing to ask the same question over and over will not change my answer. It merely clogs up my mailbox and takes time away from answering other people's questions. You're being unreasonable and selfish.

One last time: You are HIV negative. If you cannot accept that truly wonderful news, then you need psychiatric help.

My assessment from my last post to you (see below) has not changed. Here are a few quotes from my response:

  1. "You are definitively and conclusively HIV negative."

  2. "HIV is not your problem. No way. No how."

  3. "In my opinion you've had way too many tests already."

  4. "Let the baby making begin!"

Exactly what don't you understand about numbers one through four above?

Should you decide to resend these questions again, please know that I'm not ignoring you. I just don't have anything else to offer. So you'll just have to print out my responses to date and reread them. Do consider getting psychological or psychiatric help if you remain distraught and depressed, OK? Remember, once and for all, HIV is not your problem! End of story!

Dr. Bob


okay doc so here it goes,im male and just got married. (all before the marrage me and my fiance split up for a week or two) on october 26, I STUPIDLY had intoxicated vaginal and oral unprotected sex (one time thing) with a female of unknown status. the only thing I know for sure is that shes been with 20 guys!maybe more when I asked her her answer was like 20( so probably been with more) I have only been with 3 woman in my life to try and avoid siuations like this, look what happened.

Next it happened for about 30-40 minutes guessing, then I stopped.

3 weeks later I woke up with red spots under my penis hole. they were not blisters nor did they bust. there was also redness on the shaft of penis , and my scrotum was very red. took two months for it to go away. NEGITIVE herpes swab. doctor wont due a herpe select test.

next a wk later 4 weeks after expouser I got eye white spots on my tonsils, mild fever off and on 99.4-100.5 , cough, diarrah for about two days I thought it could be due to anxiety, some neck stiffness, headaches,. No body aches. I went to doctors and he did not do a strep. just gave me some drops for my eyes. it all went away, but a sore throat that I had for about 3 months. here are the results and tests Ive had.

8 weeks. negitive rapid blood test HIV negitive chlamydia, GOn, Trich

9 wks, negitive veinpucture AB with WB conformation

10 wks normal CBC, and negitive veinpucture AB with WB conformation

11 wks. undetectable viral load

13 weeks negitive rapid test, and negitive veinpucture AB with WB conformation

15 weeks negigtive rapid test

So I still have pea sized lymph nodes on both sides of my neck , they are movable and fairly soft. doctors have seen them and just keep telling me they are always there. I also have one behind my right ear and some in my groinI also have a feeling or SOB that comes and goes?

here comes the big question:

  1. My wife wants to have a child, can I or should I wait?

  2. I know symptoms are very unreliable but does it sound like ARS?

  3. I am going to take another test thursday it is rapid test, I heard it can take longer for rapid tests to show postiive like up to 5 or 6 months. is this true or is the 3 months still conclusive?

  4. could this be TB. would my wife get it if I had that. Also does cryptonic tonsils casue other glands to be swollen?

Can I WOO-HOO for sure or not just yet? the most important question I need to know is the first one . Guess the answer to that will anser the rest too!!!

thank you for your time and effeort please also tell me how to make a donation to your foundation.

Response from Dr. Frascino


  1. Let the baby making begin! You are definitively and conclusively HIV negative.

  2. Nope. Even if it did, a negative FDA-approved HIV-antibody tests trumps "symptoms" each and every time. HIV is not your problem. No way. No how.

  3. In my opinion you've had way too many tests already. If you continue to test, you'll continue to get more negative tests corroborating what we already know. Old guidelines would suggest a six-month test. Personally I don't feel that's warranted in your case, but if that will allow you to put your residual HIV fears permanently to rest, go ahead and get one.

  4. No, this is not TB. Cryptic tonsils can cause swelling of the neck glands.

  5. Yes! You are Dr. Bob-certified WOO-HOOable.

  6. Donation information for The Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation can be found on the foundation's Web site at Just click on the "Donate" tab.

Be well. Stay well. (You are indeed well!)

Dr. Bob