Doctor Bob! In Iraq and need help! Please!


Doctor Bob, I need your help because our medical services are very limited over here. I had an exposure in mid July. Which was unprotected oral and protected vaginal. The lady I had the exposure with was from overseas. The following day I had very mild symptoms. No high fevers at all, nothing that kept me out of commission. To get to the point since then I have been very fatigue, everyday. Every one says i look tired, more than usual. My lymph nodes are still hurting me every once in a while ( Lymph nodes in the groin, collar bone area). I haven't been exercising because when I do my body needs more time to rest than it usually does. Even without exercise my body feels beat up and achy all the time. My muscles feel weak and it's really frustrating me. The thing that has been bothering me the most is sharp pains in my upper abdominal area. The pain is uncomfortable all the way across. And this is an everyday thing so far. It gives me a break sometimes. I had unprotected oral with my girlfriend back home and she had got sick hours later and she said her abdominal area hurt as well. Could this be a type of HEP or something else? I've had my B series years back. I'm so confused right now and i can't go home until March. What kind of meds do i need or blood work. All they can do here is look at your regular blood counts. I think anyways. Well, thank you sir for your time. WW


Hi WW,

I cannot diagnose conditions over the Internet. From an HIV-transmission perspective, unprotected oral sex carries a low risk. Protected vaginal sex would carry essentially a nonexistent risk if the latex condom was used properly and did not fail. I should also point out neither HIV nor hepatitis symptoms would not appear within hours (in the case of your girlfriend) or the next day (in your case).

If you are continuing to have sharp upper abdominal pain and fatigue, you'll need to be evaluated by a competent physician. From what you've told me, neither HIV nor hepatitis would be at all likely causes for your problem.

Good luck!

Dr. Bob