Docking and Penis-Rubbing


Hi Dr Bob, I sent you a question before and would be grateful if you could answer it.

I did a search for docking. A post ( was posted around 2005 and that post refers to a man having "dick-docking" for 10 seconds. How is the transmission risk if the docking continues for like a minute or something??

And for penis-rubbing, though you had said that the risk was very minimal in one of your posts, the mucous membrane along the shaft of the penis and on the head of the penis do pose the risk.

Pls kindly explain.




The risk of "dick-docking" for 10 seconds versus "for like a minute or something" would be the same: essentially nonexistent!

As for "the mucous membranes along the shaft of the penis and on the head," well, there isn't any mucous membrane along the shaft and the only mucous membrane on the head is the inside lining of the passageway leading from the pee hole to the bladder, the urethra. Hopefully that minimal anatomy lesson should explain why the dick-docking risk is so minimal that it becomes essentially non-existent.

Dr. Bob