Doc I have donated (ref XXXXXXXXX). please answer me.. I am begging you


Thanks doc for your work. I need your good luck wish. Please read the following and answer your questions.

Almost six weeks back (on 9/22/2009) I went to a strip club. There I took a strip dance from one dancer. She has given dance to another person before me. After min 3 minutes she gave me the dance.

During dance, she gave me handjob and I came on her hand. She might have done same with previous person. During dance I have touched her, licked her breast. It is also possible that previous person had done same. In that case I might have licked saliva of the previous person. I could not find any cut on her hand or body.

I did not have any cut on me pennis. I had a small cut on my face. But no blood on it. Only body fluid contact might happned was sweat from her body in that spot. During the whole hand job she did not touched her vegina and I also did not touched her vegina. I took a very good bath after about 40 min.

After few days I got some resh on my hands. After few days 1st lot disapper and few new arrived. Like that it happend for 3/4 times. First started with left hand and then it moved to right. Now I saw some on my legs also. It is still happning (after 5 weeks).

I got stomach problem on 28th Oct 2009 and stayed for 1 day. Next day I had sever acidity. It is still there. But lot less. I did not lose any apetite/weight. On the reverse now I am eating more.

I got some throat problem 2 days back (28/29th). I also got some caugh and cold. There is a scratchiness in the throat. It is till there.

I am not using any medicine and did not use any medicine for any of the above.

I have following questions:

  1. Is there any risk of HIV?
  2. Any other STD from this incident?
  3. Is there any risk from previous man's sinom? The gap between 2 handjobs were atleast 2 min. (Mainly this one is killing me. ) -- I am worried with only this question. If you can put little details for it.
  4. How long do I need to wait to make sure I don't have any STD if answer to question 2 is 'Yes'?
  5. Do I need to have HIV testing?
  6. Can I have sex freely (mentally and without condom) with my wife? I have told her all the details. And she is telling I just need to forget it. Still I did not have sex with her.
  7. Are these ARS?

I have read all the posting relating with hand job. Some of them are telling it is low risk and some no risk. I want to know I am at no-risk/low-risk for HIV. I need your help. Please help me.




I'll be brief, as your HIV-acquisition risk is essentially nonexistent.

  1. No.

  2. Extremely unlikely.

  3. No.

  4. Your potential exposure was 6 weeks ago, consequently, you can be screened for STDs at any time (except HIV which has a 3 month "window period"); however, screening is not warranted based on this experience.

  5. No.

  6. Yes.

  7. No.

More detailed information regarding masturbation, hand-jobs, strippers, ARS symptoms and HIV testing can be found in the archives.

Be well. Stop worrying.

Dr. Bob