Do Not Lose Yourself to Your Circumstances

How long has it been my friends? I cannot tell you the last time I wrote a blog. It feels like decades have past. Although it has not been that long, it has been a while. Many changes have happened in my life. Some you may hear about, and some you may never know. Yet, I wanted to make a blog about some of the challenges we face. While being HIV positive is not the only challenge in life we face, it does help put things into perspective sometimes.

I want to let you all know that in any circumstance you face, please do not lose yourself. It is so easy to get down and depressed. It is so easy to give up and throw your hands in the air. It is easy to say, "I cannot do it" and "What is the point?" I want to let you know that you are special. Your situation or circumstance does not determine how you are as a person. Being HIV positive does not make you less of a person. This life is full of hardships and disappointments. I challenge you to stay positive, and I know it is hard. Sometimes crying and anger are all the emotions you can feel. Do not ever forget that, even though you may think you are dealing with something hard. Know that one day it will pass.

Be encouraged: Your condition is not you. You are strong and beautiful. I recently went through a very hard situation, and it lasted for seven years. I am not done going through it, but I will not let it beat me up. I have so much more to live for. I believe each of us has something to offer this world, no matter how small or large. It can be used to benefit and help someone else. Today, love yourself and be kind to yourself. No matter what, you matter, and you are loved. Do not let negativity and toxic people get you down. Keep looking forward, and if you have to look to the past, take a glance back at what you have overcome. Just make sure not to stay there. Many people need you and your voice, your smile and your friendship. I say to you and implore you: Do not lose yourself to your circumstances. You are amazing. Be strong, hold on, and you will see exactly what you can be.

~Smile and sing about everything!~