Distress Sailor needs immediate help.


Dear Doctor,

I am a sailor & presently sailing on board a container vessel. I has a sexual encounter wih a sex worker about 8 weeks back. The sex worker only gave me hand job, first with the condom on and then after some time, she removed the condom. She also kissed on one of my nipples. I am worried bcoz, recently i had a middle ear infection. To stop the ear infection, I took antibiotics for 5 days (mox- 250mg x 4tabs/ day). After the infection went away, now I have head ache and also feel itching all over my body. To stop heads ache, i took Paracetamol (500mg X 3 tabs) for 3 days.The head ache keeps on coming and going away.

Can you answer my queries:

  1. Did I pose myself to risk of hiv infection.
  2. Is ear infection sign/ symptom of hiv infection.
  3. In case, the sex worker had vaginal fluids on her fingers, does it pose a risk.
  4. Does kissing on my nipples pose a risk of hiv infection.

I will be very greatful, if you can answer my question. I will send donation to your organisation by western union from USA. We will reach there on 10- feb.

I dont have an email id, but can check internet daily. Pls answer my question asap as I am alone at sea and going crazy. There are very few people here and with very less info, so cant share my thoughts also with them.

many thanks for the wonderful job you are doing for mankind. God bless you.



Hello Distressed Sailor Samuel,

  1. Nope. Hand jobs do not pose a risk for HIV transmission.

  2. Nope. An ear infection is a sign of an ear infection not HIV!

  3. Nope.

  4. Nope.

Samuel, I realize Internet access may be somewhat limited at sea, but when you get the chance, spend some time reviewing the information on this site, in the archives and on links related to HIV risk and HIV transmission. Pay particular attention to how HIV is and is not transmitted. Sex is supposed to be fun, not anxiety provoking. Just learn how to keep yourself safe, OK? Thanks for your donation! Be well. Stay safe and you'll stay well.

Dr. Bob