How to distinguish kaposis from a bruise


How can you tell the difference between ks and a "brown" bruise? Does the ks lesion stay on the skin for a while, or does it - like a bruise - disappear after two or days and leave a green or yellow color on the skin? I guess I'm looking for an estimate - if a patient gets a lesion on the leg, how long does it stay there? Will it disappear on its own, or does it have to be removed? I have also heard that ks can easily be mistaken for a bruise, because some people only get one spot. I'm doing some research for an article, and haven't been able to find this information anywhere.


KS lesions can indeed look like bruises. HOWEVER, bruises tend to fade on their own after a week or so (sometimes longer for big bruises). KS lesions tend not to fade. If however, an AIDS patient takes anti-retroviral medications (i.e. HIV medications), then the KS lesions can fade as the patient's CD4 count rises and the viral load falls. I would recommend that a health care provide evaluate lesions, which look like bruises, but do not go away; often a biopsy of these lesions is necessary. It is not unusual to see KS lesions mistaken for bruises. I hope this helps. BD.