Is this disease progression?


I was diagnosed with genital herpes in 1998. I use Acyclovir periodically (averaging 4 mild outbreaks annually.) I tested HIV neg. in July 03'prior to having any sexual contact with my fiance. (I had been practicing celibacy for well over a year, so I wasn't surprised by the test result. However, I never knew his status.) Well, we married in Aug. 2003. In December 2003 I got my usual flu shot and several days later I retested for HIV (wasn't experiencing any flu-like symptoms etc. However,for various reasons my gut instinct told me to do such). Well, I tested HIV POSITIVE! I spent the past 4 years in denial...Processing, analyzing, and researching. Thinking that the Flu Shot caused a false positive result. How can you conquer what you what confront??? On Dec. 7, 2007 I went in for my annual physical and requested a CBC because I have had nasty severe mucous congestion in my chest and nose for nearly a year. Well here are the results:WBC 1.8, RBC 5.27, Hemoglobin 12.0, Hematocrit 37.8, MCV 71.7, MCH 22.8, MCHC 31.7, Platelet count 231, RDW, SD 45.7, RDW, CV 17.7, %neutrophils 63.1, % 25.5, Lymphocytes: %monocytes 9.8, %Eosinophils 1.1, %Basophils 0.5, # neutrophils 1.14 Low, # 0.46 LOW Lymphocytes: # Monocytes 0.18, # Eosinophils 0.02, # Basophils 0.01, Diff Cell Comments: Few Reactive Lymphocytes. My question is can this low WBC reading be caused by the long standing herpes virus infection? HIV progression, or both? My doctor had me to come back into the office to have my blood redrawn, but the results aren't available yet for me to view online. However, I received a voice mail message from the medical office requesting me to contact them. I'm really worried, yet at this point I'm ready to take action!


You don't indicate what your CD4 count, percentage, and HIV viral load are. Your total WBC is quite low, and it is likely your CD4 count will be very low, given your total lymphocyte count (which includes CD4, CD8 t lymphocytes, and B lymphocytes) is only 450. Reactive or chronic herpes infections can certainly lead to lower CD4 counts. You need some further information to more accurately determine where you are on the HIV spectrum.