What about the discrimination against women with positive HIV/AIDS?


Dear Ms. Breuer,

I have recently come across this grate site, and having read couple of messages with your answers I have decided to ask you to help me if possible. The point is that I want to write my Term Paper about "Avoidance of discrimination against women in national strategies for the prevention and control of AIDS, CEDAW, General Recommendation 15". My professor really appriciates having some books from University library for writing a paper, while there is nothing about this topic I want to write about. I guess I will need to prove that I possess sufficient amount of information about the topic chosen, even not from the library but directly from the internet. I guess there are lots of stories of American (or other) women about the discrimination against them, but cannot really find a right place in internet. Can you please help me by indicating some database/real stories/narratives about the discrimination against women, either at a workplace or in social context? I am terribly sorry to bother you with this question, but problems with AIDS are very interesting to me to consider for my paper, and even more: I plan to write my Ph.D. from the next year exactly about this issue in European countries. So your help seems very essential for me right now. Thanks a lot. Yours sincerely

Lela Managadze Budapest, Hungary


Dear Lela,

There are indeed very good sites for information about discrimination against women with HIV. I suggest starting with a strong one and then following the links from that site. A good starting place is this Website--TheBody.com (click on the forum on Women and HIV)--or a great new one, www.thewellproject.com. Good luck! You'll find a lot of good information. The UNAIDS Programme also has good information on discrimination against women with HIV.