He DISCLOSED, Please reply, waiting patiently!


Dear Dr Bob,

First let me apologise for disturbing you and taking a lot of your time but you are my only support and the one I trust. Whatever your opinion is I am ready to accept the consequences because I am tired and I need to know where I am heading to.

You commented two weeks ago on my tongue disorder (supposedly geographic tongue) and my few red dots under the skin of the palms of my hands, I was happy reading your comments but now the doubt invaded me again for a reason I consider valid.

Yesterday the guy that I went out with (sucking him hard and his being the insertive part using condoms always for four times till 14 November 2008) asked to see me. I went to see him, and I got the shock when he disclosed his being recently (after we had sex) diagnosed with HIV+

On the 28th of November 2008, I came back home after performing oral sex on a friend and I found a white spot on the middle right side of my tongue which later developed to glossitis and healed by itself.

The Story Begin.

Symptoms acquired starting 28th November, noting that I am under severe stress and anxiety that I sit and monitor my body changes all the time, checking my lymph nodes all the time, checking if I have red spots throughout my body..

1-My first concern is the repetitive glossitis if I can tell. I ll describe it shortly, it appears every Friday/Saturday, takes up to 10 days to heal and comes back after 10 days on a Friday/Saturday. It starts as a small white-greish ring at the right lower edge of my tongue, during the coming days it starts to enlarge leaving a denuded area. The maximum size it reaches is 3 cm2 surrounded at any size by a white lining seen mostly in the morning when I wake up. A great morning ! what can I tell you?!!?! LOL This symptom is making me crazy, my family medicine doctor assumed after culture and KOH smear and my multiple negative tests that it is geographic tongue, but I doubt it coz I never did and no family history of it.

2-I developed two times sore throat one of them was severe accompanied with ear pain, fatigue and low fever 38 degrees lasting for 5 days. The pharmacist gave me Ceclor500mg though I didnt need it as my family medicine doctor said later on. Note that I had the glossitis two times before taking the antibiotics. The sore throat as I guess was a result of taking shower and going out in a cold weather without a jacket, staying outdoor like 15 minutes.

3-Two times flu, one of them was accompanied again with one day very little sore throat. Note that the weather in Lebanon from December till march is cold and people are prone to get colds and flu.

4- The red dots , that my dermatologist attributed to weight lifting.

5-Sudden appearance of red patches mostly on my front and cheek that heal in 20 minutes, The dermatologist attributed them to allergic reactions, insect bites, stress. She advised to stop worrying and looking for every detail.

6-During those 4 months I experienced 4 times very little night sweat which myself attribute to my fear and stress.

7-Sometimes tingling, twitching at my neck, groin, armpit. But mostly at my neck, which make me all the time touching the area under my ears, but never found something swollen.

My tests up till now;

1-Eliza at 75 days gave negative results.

2-Qualitative PCR DNA at 85 days gave 0.0 copies/ml

3-Eliza at 110 days gave negative results.

4-Qualitative PCR DNA at 115 days gave 0.0copies/ml

I was convinced by what you told me before, but the disclosure is a valid reason.

What shall I do honestly? What are my new risks of being infected?

SORRY FOR DISTURBING, wishing from the higher powers to help and support you.

Best Regards Lebanon guy


Hello Lebanon Guy,

Back again so soon???

Why would the disclosure that your partner is HIV positive be a valid reason to freak out all over again? My assessment remains exactly the same: "Your multiple negative HIV tests, including ELISAs and PCR DNA out to 100 days, are definitive and conclusive. HIV is not your problem! No way. No how. No further HIV testing is warranted!" A negative test outside the window period trumps "symptoms" each and every time.

If you cannot accept the overwhelming and irrefutable evidence that you are definitively and conclusively HIV negative, I suggest you seek psychological counseling to help you accept and believe this fact and to help you confront your ongoing irrational fears of being HIV infected.

Dr. Bob

Anxiety kills me. BEGGING u to answer me Mar 17, 2009

This not my first time writing but getting no reply. in short i passed through a hard experience and i decided to be a volunteer at an organization that helps aids patients in LEBANON. Simply my worries after my last exposure are due to recurring geographic tongue around the same place (right edge of my tongue) which heals at the 10 th day and come back after two weeks. 6 red dots under the palms of my hands and the tips of my fingers.

1-KOH smear for tongue lesion and culture gave sterile result. 2-Eliza at 60 days gave negative 3-PCR DNA at 70 days gave 0.0 4-Eliza at 96 days gave negative result 5-PCR DNA at 100 days gave 0.0

I Am relying on my final PCR. do u advice me to test again or shall i spend my money elsewhere?

how can i get rid of that disorder in my mouth, what if it is due to HIV and still the tests are mistaking?

In arabic yasouh yehmik = Jesus bless you

Response from Dr. Frascino

Hi Lebanon Guy,

Your multiple negative HIV tests, including ELISAs and PCR DNA out to 100 days, are definitive and conclusive. HIV is not your problem! No way. No how. No further HIV testing is warranted!

Please note that the vast majority of cases of geographic tongue have absolutely nothing to do with HIV! And this is exactly the case with you! I can't diagnose or treat conditions over the Internet. If your general medical doctor can't help, I'd suggest you see an ENT specialist. One thing remains certain: The cause of your symptoms is not HIV, OK?

Likewise the red dots are not at all worrisome for HIV. (Plus your negative test rules this out as a possible cause.) If these dots bother you and your general doctor can't help, see a dermatologist.

I applaud your volunteer efforts. BRAVO! It's also a great way to rack up excellent cosmic karma with the higher powers.

Be well. Stay well. Remember HIV is not your problem!

Dr. Bob

Lebanon guy ;) thanks your generous reply Mar 25, 2009

Dear Dr Bob

Just thanking you for helping me. Tomorow i will introduce an HIV+ friend to the organization "em al nour" in lebanon to get medical help for free. I wish to make my best to serve this subject.

By the way i already saw a dermatologist who ordered medical tests like vitesse and crp. they came out normal so she concluded to the point that my red dots are due to exercicing and weight lifting and barre fixe in french.

God Bless you Charbel the "LEBANON GUY", i like it :)

Response from Dr. Frascino

Hi Lebanon Guy,

Thanks for your thanks and thanks for the update. I applaud your volunteer efforts and agree with the dermatologist!

All is well! (including you!).

Dr. Bob