The Dire Straits of Razor Burn and HIV


Dr. Bob-

You have been a great friend through many hard times. Unfortunately, it seems that I have a major concern which has not yet been answered on this forum. Three days following the bare-backed shaving of my genital area, I participated in protected intercourse with a sex worker. She was on top and the condom did not tear, but I did have razor burn on the area above my penis (the lower stomach soft area) and it seemed like she had become wet, as I felt water or something squirting on those razor burn areas. Nothing I have read or been told by the aids hotline can tell me whether or not I am at risk. Does razor burn constitute open sores and can the vaginal secretions infect me in those areas not penetrating. I think that this question is one that would serve many people in fear of such minor wounds or irritations. You do a truly saintly service here. I am proud to contribute to your efforts. Best, Northern Virginia Fool.


Hello NVF,

HIV from razor burn? No, even with the happy hooker perched firmly on your bucking-bronco-one-eyed monster and riding like a rhinestone urban cowgal, the risk of HIV transmission would be essentially nonexistent, as long as she was riding in the saddle (condom in place) and not bareback.

If you're concerned, get tested in three months, but your risk is remarkably low. Stay well.

Dr. Bob