Dinner Quotes "doing curls waiting to die"

I have had the aids virus for sixteen years and have been privy to a remarkable variety of quotes from people who don't know of my status.

A Dentist

I believe I've held onto this little gem about long enough. The dinner quote went something like this... "Have you seen Magic Johnson's biceps lately?! He's just doing curls waiting to die." This is a statement by a dentist, a seemingly educated man. (Obviously it's a pretty sad commentary on the belief system he has about himself and the value of his life). I am inclined to agree that if this is the best he can do to sum up the entirety of a person's existence, he is a man of little value or depth.

Zero Population

I believe another evening's polite dinner conversation included the observation that "AIDS is replacing the concept of zero population growth." Clearly my relationship with this individual has come to the end of its rope. Short of his death by my hand, there must be some resolution. I see no point in going to jail for such an ignorant slob.

Rounded Up and Put on an Island

This story is dealing with the idea of disclosure; who to tell, who not to tell and who is worthy of the trust that must accompany that decision.

"They should be rounded up and put on an island," is one of my favorites. I don't know if that is supposed to come before or after the mandatory sterilization. Do we get to choose the island? Maui or some lovely sunny spot in the Caribbean?

Go Away

Oh this nasty little pandemic, when will it ever just go away so we can return to the grind of which outfit is right for the day? Please listen to yourselves.

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