diffrence between hiv infection and hiv 1/2 eia oositive and confimation negative


i was tested in september and was eia1/2 positive but confimatory westernBlot1 negative so am i called hiv positive or negative? in my lab test report it was written that negative westernBlot does not exclude hiv infection what does it mean? and i am also worried because this my second marriage my first husband passed away before an year and i got married again in august and i got tested in september after one month. and it is also written in my lab report that seroconversion is variable.



Assuming you had this test taken six months after your last unprotected sexual exposure to your first husband (I'm assuming he died of AIDS), your results would indicate you are definitively HIV negative. A positive EIA and negative confirmatory Western Blot is considered to be a "negative HIV-1 screening test."

The disclaimer about not excluding HIV infection refers to situations such as people being tested within their "window period." By the way, all laboratory results should always be thoroughly discussed with the physician or clinic that ordered the test.

Dr. Bob