Didn't Check Condom


Is there a certain amount of contact with penis and anus that could cause contraction of hiv. I recently had anal sex with a man and before I actually practiced intercourse, I touched my penis to his anus. There was moisture and lubricant involved. The actual sex was with a condom, but I'm not sure if it was broken or not. I did not ejaculate inside him or in the condom. Is there a chance I contracted HIV?


Any time you have sexual contact with an HIV infected person, there is a CHANCE that HIV will be transmitted. The ODDS of transmission will depend on many different variables. The odds of HIV transmission through insertive anal sex with an effective latex condom is extremely low. Microscopic tears in a condom may increase the risk of transmission, but unless there is a substantial break, the risk doesn't increase by much. There is no evidence that HIV is transmitted through foreplay activity (like putting your penis against your partner's anus). The activity is not absent of risk, it just is extremely unlikely that HIV will be transmitted this way.