Diagnosed with hiv/aids at same time.


I was diagnosed with hiv and full blown aids in september/96.I was hospitalized for two months with pcp after averting near death my viral load is now 800 down from 240000 in the hospital and my cd4 count is 180 up from 10 in the hospital.I am extremeley fitness cnscious,and had no symptoms of hiv before pcp.I did have major jaw surgery in may/96 which weakened me tremendously.My questions are is it common to be diagnosed with hiv and aids,at the same time,and was the jaw surgery the catalyst in me getting pcp.Also based on the results i have provided how am i doing.I am on indiavir, d4t,3tc.


This distinction you're making between HIV and AIDS is a little artificial. It's not like you've been diagnosed with two different diseases. A more accurate way to look at it is that you've been diagnosed with HIV infection at a fairly advanced stage.

Unfortunately, that's not uncommon at all since so many people fail to get tested despite being at risk. When you get tested late you miss out on many of the benefits of early diagnosis (in your case, you missed out on the chance to prevent both PCP and the decline of your immune function.)

However, it sounds like you're now benefiting a great deal from therapy. Your viral load needs to be undetectable if at all possible, but it's pretty close, and your CD4 count has risen considerably. I hope the improvement continues.