A Devout Hindu Brahmin's PLEA


Dearest Sir,I feel a sense of gratitude now that you have taken some time off your schedule and written back to me conveying the fact that my queries were probably answered earlier or perhaps they were rather too unreasonable.I shall put my queries once more to you Sir,this time around I shall cut all the Ifs and Buts..... I am heterosexual male of 32 years, a very religious hindu,have never abused narcotics,nor have been a promiscuous person.But yes Sir I have made errors of judgement when I had UnProtected Penile-Vaginal Sex three times,with three women ,ONE EPISODE WITH EACH WOMAN.Rather not a very sensible thing\act I must agree.Sir I have since those three episodes of vaginal sex with three women have completely been plagued by the thought of HIV transmission,so much so that My O.C.D. Problem has resurfaced,and how! Goodness Gracious my mind is constantly filled with those extremely unpleasant thoughts of STD'S,Especially HIV.Sir I have been extremely religious,very pious person.I wonder if Lord Shiva Will indeed be pleased with all these deeds.Please My Good Sir,I beg you to reply to my post and assess my situation..I do as I have said in my earlier posts, intend taking the ELISA TEST FOR HIV1&2,Sooner than later.But Sir is there a chance that I too could rejoice after the test results and shout a WOOHOO? Please assess my situation and do this rather not so Devout Hindu Brhamin A GREAT Favour..PLEASE



Yes, your queries have indeed been addressed multiple times in the archives! I suggest you stop with the overly dramatic begging and have a look!

Your chances to yell WOO-HOO following unprotected penile-vaginal sex are exactly the same as those of everyone else who has had the same level of risk. Did you think my assessment of your unprotected sex would be different than everyone else's? Being extremely religious and very pious doesn't change your odds.

The estimated per-act risk for acquiring HIV from unprotected insertive penile-vaginal sex with a partner confirmed to be HIV positive is 5 per 10,000 exposures. Your estimated risk would be somewhat lower as we do not know the status of your three partners.

I wish you luck with your tests. I also suggest you get some help with your OCD and that you read the archives for additional enlightenment and reassurance.

Good luck!

Dr. Bob