desperate pregnant women


dr. rob i am a fan and i always read your posts, i recently wrote you my concern and did not get an answer i hope now i do. my question is the following, i had 2 elisa or one elisa and one antibody test done a few weeks ago and they both came out positive, my exposure was 3.5 to 4 years ago. should i be 150% confident about my results there no chance that in the future i can show up positive to these test, one of these test was done at labcorp or quest i heard they are good in processing these elisa test. also should i be worried about the different weird strains not commonly seen here, and did i already pass the seroconversion period. am I completely clean, also all my other blood woork (cbc,wbc,etc) are excellent after 4 years something would have showed, right? please doc answer my questions. so i can calm down and finish off my pregnancy calm and relax because honestly i am not enjoying it and this worriness just started a few months ago i dont know if is from the hormone changes but still knowwing that is negative after so a long time i have doubts, laslty, do you think i should keep on testing every year or i am done testing completely. i also have severe headaches every day can that be from needing eyeglasses i have heard that you loose your sight and start having blurred vision when you are hiv positive, i also wake up in the morning with light sore throat and sneeze alot during the day please, please doc answer me thanks.

desparate pregnant women

thanks doc


Hello "Desperate Pregnant Woman,"

You wrote in your question that you "had two elisa or one elisa and one antibody test done a few weeks ago and they both came out positive following an exposure 3.5 to 4 years ago." If indeed you tested "positive" twice after 3.5 to 4 years, then indeed you would be HIV infected. However, if you tested "negative" (which is what I'm assuming you meant to write in your question), then you would be definitively and conclusively HIV negative and no further HIV testing would be warranted (assuming no new potential exposures).

Dr. Bob