Desperate for an opinion - 2 very specific question!



I have been a long time reader of th and believe it is a fantastic service so thanks a lot for all the work that you put in here. Also very sad to hear Dr Bob passed away - hope his spirit lives on!

I have 2 very specific qs that are driving me nuts (i'm sure there are similar cases but as always, being paranoid to see if mine was different!):

  1. I recently visited a massage parlour in Singapore where the services included some body licking and a very brief period of rimming (I was receiving both). Now I have had some bleeding from my anus before and likely due to a mild case of haemorrhoids (though not right before the episode) so this rimming freked me out! The massause also followed it up with fingering my anus. Given her saliva from rimming, what are my chances of having been infected?

  2. Another eposide getting massaged: we indulged in mutual masturbation but when I took my fingers out, there was menstrual blood coating them. A fairly liberal amount too. I didnt have any visible cuts on my fingers but this freaked me out! What are the chances of catching the virus here? I need to know if I am at risk.. the anxiety is getting to me and I am to be engaged next month! Please help!


Hi there:

Yes, it was quite sad to hear of Dr. Bob's passing. His voice will live on in this forum forever. For that, we can be grateful.

Neither of the incidences you described sound incredibly risky.

Situation 1: Saliva can not transmit the virus. Not in your case, not in anyone's. No how. No way. Not ever.

Situation 2: While you came in contact with a fluid that could transmit the virus, I would not concerned. We don't even know if she was positive, and you had no visible cuts on your fingers.

It's likely that you are feeling anxiety due to your upcoming engagement.

Bottom line: I would not be concerned.

In health, Richard