Desperate Incurable NGU, Please Help.


Hi Dr. Bob,

This is the 2nd time I am writing to you and hope you find time to answer my medical question. I understand that you have tons of mails to go thru. But hope you can help.

Here goes... 7 weeks ago, I felt pain during urination and noticed a clear discharge from my penis after protected sex with a lady. I visited the doctor, a penile swap was done which presented 10 - 19 wbc. He mentioned NGU and I was given 1 week of oral Doxycycline. The discharge and pain symptoms when away. But on my check-up 2 weeks after the treatment, the swap still showed 10-19 wbc. This time, the doc gave me 2 weeks of oral erythromycin and 1 week of oral metronidazole. Just after my second visit to the doc, a mild intermittent ache started at the right side between the navel and penis joint (groin). 2 weeks later, I went for the swap again and it still showed 10 - 19 wbc. The doctor then gave me another 6 weeks of doxycycline.

I am already more than half way through my 6 weeks treatment and was shocked to find the same clear discharge stain (shorts) in the morning. The mild ache between the navel and groin is still there.

May I know if it is possible that I have been misdiagnosed by the doctor as NGU? Can NGU be so persistent and incurable? It is possible that I have contracted HIV before my NGU diagnosis thus causing the NGU to be incurable? If not NGU, then what can it be? Can candidiasis/yeast be the reason for wbc in my penile swap even if my penis and groin do not present candidiasis/yeast symptoms?

Last week and till now (7 days), I am feeling a general ache rediating at my entire left and right arms and legs. No aches in my hands and feet though. Also, I feel discomfort at upper stomach and upper back regions. Do you happen to know the cause of these discomfort?

Thanking you in advance.



Hello NGUer,

  1. First of all, even though NGU may be persistent or recurrent; it is not incurable.

  2. I cannot diagnose your condition over the Internet. If your physician is having difficulty diagnosing or treating your problem, he should send you to a specialist (a urologist) for an evaluation.

  3. If your sexual adventures were "protected" that means a latex condom was used properly and did not fail then your risk of HIV would be essentially nonexistent.

  4. It's a "swab," not a "swap!"

Good luck!

Dr. Bob