Desperate guy from Brazil needs some HELP!


Dear Doctor Bob,

I know you are a busy man and that you have a lot of questions every single day, but please, try to help me!

I'm from a small town here in Brazil and I coudn't find a good help here... I've been reading the archives but I'm still confused about the situation I'll describe to you:

I had only one exposure with a woman, about five months ago. After 60 days from the situation, I felt sick, with fatique, insomnia, lost a couple of kilos and my throat got really bad. I started to link it with HIV, so I waited 12 weeks (actually 86 days) and made a Elisa test that came NEGATIVE.

The fact, Doc Bob, is that I think it was a second generation ELISA, that has as antigen a recombinant protein (gp 160 and p25)for HIV-1. Well, if I was seroconverting at the 60th day, this ELISA test at the 86th day would pick up the antibodies?

I'm still with fatique, and I could't find any help in here. I went to the doctor that asked me the test and he told me I'm OK. But I really don't trust him. (It was in a public hospital, and You know, these places are aways full, pretty much full in here, and some doctors works very quickly, to see more people and in some cases to make more money).

Well doc, please tell me what you think about my situation, I'm very scared about it. Can I forget HIV? Do you think I need to test again at the 6th month?? Oh, I have some strange stuffs inside my mouth, at the cheeks, that I'm scarried it's OHL. It doesn't looks like it, but it's strange and I never saw something like that. It's not white, it is not vertical and not hairy or corrugate. Does OHL only looks like we see in the pictures??

Sorry for spending your time, but I'm concerned for real with this situation, and your wise words are everything that I have now. I think you're a great man, and the more I read about your cause, the more I admire you.

Thanks a lot,



Hello Antonio from Brazil,

Your negative HIV test at 86 days is definitive and conclusive. HIV is not your problem. A negative HIV test performed outside the window period trumps "symptoms" each and every time. Your particular symptoms are not worrisome for acute retroviral syndrome (ARS).

Antonio, your problem is not HIV itself, but rather fear of being HIV infected. Spend some time reading through the archives. We have whole chapters devoted to "symptoms" and HIV testing. I'm confident you'll find the information and testimonials there both enlightening and reassuring.

Be well. Stay well. (Yes, indeed you are "well!)

Dr. Bob