In despair. Please help me cope with that


Dear Dr Barbara McGovern,

At the beginning of my letter I would like to thank your for your time an interest. I read a lot of your answers and realized how helpful and comforting they can be for those who, like me, are desperate and depressed about a recent situation.

I decided to write to you because I made the biggest mistake of my life last saturday and I cannot forget about it and move on.

During a party in one of the clubs I was convinced by a "friend: to try amphetamine intra-nasally.

Not only did I break a word given to my girlfriend of never taking drugs but more importantly I put myself in danger of hcv while sharing a rolled banknote.

And here rises my question. I read a lot of information on hcv transmission possibly caused by snorting drugs and I am the most terrified and depressed person probably in the whole world.

Both my relationship and school life is a real mess.

I never will do it again as I hate myself for trying.

Do you consider one time (my 'frind' snorted first through my banknote that I had rolled) a significant risk? I snorted some immediately after him and this was a new banknote but I was the second person snorting. I did not see any blood but as they say there could be unvisible traces.

I really appreciate your answer.

Thank you very much and I hope that I will never do anything stupid like that again.

PS. As good student I never suspected myself of such stupidity but time showed something else.


We all do things that we regret later. And we learn well from these mistakes.

Fortunately, I do not consider this event an episode of "high risk". However, I think you will continually have questions about it in your mind so I do recommend HCV antibody testing. I am confident that you will be negative.

Good luck with your studies. Dr. M