Desesperate Brazilian - Please Help (WW)


Dear Dr. Bob;

I am really appreciatte if you could answer my question. I try to find something regarding my case but I couldnt have an answer. Maybe because my english is not so good. Anyway, here is my case. I had sex with a prostitute and I used condom. The condom did not broke but, however, I normally scratch my scrotum sack which possibliy cause some tiny cuts. It passed 10 weeks I had a high fever (102) that last for one night a mild fever next day. I was fine after that. Here is my question.

  1. Could vaginal body fluid could contact my tiny cuts on the scrotum sack and then infected me?
  2. Based on your experience, do you think I am infected?
  3. Based on that I never get sick, dont you think the mentioned symptoms are suspicious?
  4. Are there any STD that have the same acute symptons than HIV? Please Dr. Bob, if you answer I will send you some donation.

Best Regards

YOur Brazilian friend


Hello Brazilian Friend,

Your English is far better than my Portuguese (and, in fact, far better than some folks who write to me who are native English speakers!)

  1. This mode of HIV transmission would be remote to negligible.

  2. No.

  3. No.

  4. No.

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Be well.

Dr. Bob