Descovy concerns about return of Lipodys - Emtriva


Thanks! I've had a very well suppressed vl since Truvada came out, I've taken it. I take truvada with Isentress. My doctor suggest now to try Descovy but I'am not at all treatment naive to Emtriva and I have gotten a little bit better looking since I've taken less medicines with the letters vir in them I used to joke and say "just call me Guinevere" and those drugs zapped my fat and blew it all out of bounds and place over my little body. Basically I'm concerned about two things will Emtriva work for me I mean does it really even do anything for my fight against VL because I've broken through it in the past and will it rekindle lipodystrophy?? I have a little protein in my blood and I would just as soon stay on truvada as to FACE down more lipo! Ugh Help! I'm grateful but : / lipodystrophy is causing me gross amounts of stress.

Thank you again, Dr. Henry, for all you do for all of us!!


Emtriva (emtricitabrine) is in both Truvada and Descovy at the same dose. The difference is that Descovy has the newer form of tenofovir (alefenamide. To my knowledge there is no evidence that the risk for fat problems is greater or clearly different with tenofovir alefenamide than with the older form (called tenofovir DF). The newer form of tenofovir appears to be modestly safer for bones and kindeys than the older form. KH