Debate in day care, kids with HIV


This may seem an odd request. My daughter is in her third year of training to be a day care worker. As part of the course they have been asked to debate for and against a child with HIV being aloud into a day care.

As I am a volunteer with Aids Calgary, and I have brought all of my children up to be fair and none judgemental with anyone, we were upset when she was told to be in the group against the child being in a day care. She now has to come up woth some solid reasons for the child not being ther and we cannot think of any. So, we would appreciate it if you have any solid reasons why some people may not have wanted their child in a day care with a child infected with the HIVirus.

Thank you so much. Margaret and Amanda Bonas.


Hi. Thank you for your question. This is a very difficult question to answer, since there are no reasons why a child with HIV should not be allowed into day care. Since HIV is not transmitted through any form of casual contact, an HIV positive child in day care poses no risk to other children or staff. HIV has never been transmitted in this setting. In fact, in the United States, there are laws prohibiting discrimination against persons with HIV/AIDS (including children). It is literally against the law in the United States for an HIV positive child to be barred from entering a day care center or school, simply because that child has HIV/AIDS. I'm not sure if similar laws exist in Canada. Persons who want to keep HIV positive children out of day care and school, often base their beliefs on incorrect information or prejudice. If you are looking for reasons to keep an HIV positive child out of day care, there simply aren't any.