death confomation of HIV Patient


i am doctor working night clinic. suddenly i have to go for death conformation of AIDS patient. but when i touch eyelid and exam puilary right reflex and pulsation,heart sound. during the time no one tel she is an AIDS. so i perform WITHOUT GLOVES. but no any fluid or blood wet me. but i have fear with infection because it my first expirence. please advise me.


Thanks for your question,

First off, you should always observe universal precautions. Second, you should talk to a supervisor whenever a situation comes up that feels like an emergency.

However, in this case it sounds like there wasn't any risk for HIV.

HIV is transmitted when a body fluid from a person with HIV (blood, semen, vaginal fluids, breast milk) comes out of their body and goes immediately/directly inside someone else's body. All of that needs to happen. NONE of that happened in your case.

Hope this helps!