dear Dr. bob its me with negative elisa test


sorry about the poor details, im the one who sent u a day before (ohh my god i tested positive with oraquick) i got one red line on C and very faint line hard to see and its almost like half line and they got confuesed about the result then they told me it might be positive, so the doctor let me take alisa test and it came negative. i did pcr and elisa after 2 monts and it came back negative and oraqucik after 3 months and negative, i went after 4 and got this weird result i hope u remembered me, my exposure was protected sex the condom didn't break



Yes, I remember you and I was hoping that the "it's me" was indeed "you!" I'll reprint your original posts below so our readers can follow your story and its happy ending.

Stay well!

Dr. Bob

ohh my God i tested positive or what Jan 4, 2008

ohh my god how hard is it to test positive, i had protected sex 4 months ago and i did PCR and elise with ( after 2 months because i got lymph nodes then after 3 months i did the oraquick came back negative but i thought i will do last one after 4 months after the new year and a red line came on the C and vey very light line its hard to see came on the T u only see it if u put on close to a bright light they got confuesd and then finally the doctor told me it might be positive and he sent me to the lab to do another test to confirm im losing my mind why why why over one protected sex no oral no deep kissing and for one night that would happen to me please help me

Response from Dr. Frascino


Relax Max. I very strongly doubt you are positive.

Your HIV risk protected sex would be essentially nonexistent, assuming the latex condom was used properly and did not break.

Your negative OraQuick test at three months is definitive and conclusive. The negative ELISA test taken at two months was encouraging, but not conclusive, as HIV-antibody tests taken prior to the three month mark are not considered to be definitive. PCR testing is not recommended as routine HIV screening, due to the rate of false-positives and cost.

Your "very very light line" on your four-month test is most likely a "false" positive. Your confirmatory tests will reconfirm what we already know: you are HIV negative. OK?

Stop worrying and stop getting excessive, unwarranted HIV tests, because, as you can see, they can lead to confusion and considerable unnecessary stress!

Stay safe. Stay well.

Dr. Bob

dear Dr. bob its me with negative elisa test Jan 5, 2008

from the bottom of my heart ithank you. the clincal coordinator told me the elisa came back negative and i don't have to worry about it any more, and i asked him if i need to get tested again he said no i don't the only one i trust is you so what do you think My man

Response from Dr. Frascino


I could use a bit more information than "its me with negative elisa test" to actually determine who "me" is. A quick check of the archives reveals gazillions of potential "me" candidates that would fit your qualifying description (negative elisa). Nonetheless, whichever "me" you happen to be, a negative FDA-approved ELISA test outside of the window period would be considered definitive. Hope that helps. If not please include more information, such as the title of your original question and date it was posted, when you write back. OK?

Be well. WOO-HOO! and Happy New Year!

Dr. Bob