In our last post we talked about being diagnosed with HIV (AIDS in Carmen Anthony's case.) Here's the lyrics to the song "Dead Man Walking" that reflects this time in our lives.

Dead Man Walking

When I woke up thought it be a normal day
Nowhere in my head of thought
Did I have a clue I was lost
I didn't want to him say
It's not supposed to be my fate
This man in a white coat
Told me I had weeks to live
This HIV in me lay me low on a lonely bed
Thought I was good as dead
Now How am I gonna forgive?

I'm a
Dead man walking
Dead man talking
Now I see faces, of millions who are just like me
Dead men walking
          Dead men talking
Now I hope that someday we will be free
Why didn't I listen? I'm Screaming
Somehow I paid a price
Things I've done didn't think twice


Felt the pain man it drove me insane I'm screaming

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