I'm dating a positive man, I'm negitive


I have been dating a hiv positive guy for a couple of weeks. He was up front with his Hiv status. Myself I am negitive and looking for anwsers to calm my fears, Before we become sexual. I'm glad that I have had the chance to read this fourm. I do have friends who are Hiv Positive as like many other that have sent you messages. who belive as long as they are undectectable it is ok to have unprotected sex and will not pass Hiv on to their partners. I would like to say thanks for making me feel more at ease dating this man. I now understand that low or high risk use a condom always. Thanks for make me a better inform man and not listening to the myths that are out there.



You're welcome! I'm delighted you found the information here helpful. In return perhaps you could do a favor for me. "Pay it forward." That means take what you've learned here and spread the word to others. You are correct: There are many myths and much misinformation circulating about HIV/AIDS. Help me spread the truth. Science-based factual information is the best way to confront myths, stigma and confusion about HIV prevention and transmission. Tell your friends about this Web site and help them realize they are playing sexual Russian roulette.

Be well. I hope you and your positively charged Mr. Right live happily (and healthily) ever after.

Dr. Bob