Is it danger to catch HIV


Hi Dr Bob,

I donated my little amount 4 days back.Just mentioning as i went big anxiety 2 months back.

I was heavily drunk on june 21 and went to strip club and engaged with stripper boob sucking and i dont have any sores in my mouth at that moment and did not observe whether she has any cut on boobs or nipples and dont remember of any liquids comming out of her breast as i am heavily drunk.Is that danger if i sucked any liquids from her (drops of blood or any milk).

Engaged in touching her vagina and she gave hand job and did not ejaculate.After touching her vagina i touched my penis. should i be worried of HIV or any STD.

Yesterday i observed i have red bumps on the back of my tongue near to throat.I never observed carefully in my whole life ,so dont know about these as i got yesterday or been there.Are these taste buds.

Thanks Please reply.



Relax Max. Boob sucking, vagina touching and hand jobs are not considered to be significant risks for HIV or most STDs. The bumps on the rear portion of your tongue are indeed most likely to be taste buds. If you remain worried, get an HIV and STD screen at the three-month mark to put your residual fears permanently to rest. Personally, I do not feel testing is medically warranted, but if it will help you relax psychologically, it's worth the effort.

Thanks for your donation to the Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation.

Dr. Bob