Damp Semen on a handkerchief/please respond 3rd request


Hi. I've checked the forum and haven't found a question close enough to my question, so I'm hoping you will please answer my question. I started dating a new guy & we haven't progressed to safe sex yet - I want to learn his history before committing to anything. Anyway, I gave him a hand job (I know there's no risk there - no cuts, sores on my hand). We shared a hankie at clean up that had semen & lotion on it. He used it first & handed it to me it was damp. My hand that took the hankie had a cut similar to a paper cut I got while slicing vegetables. It was anywhere from 2-4 days old. I'm not even sure the hankie touched the cut. Should I be worried about an STD/HIV? From what I read on other medical websites I believe the answer is no, I shouldn't worry; the lotion & air probably killed anything off IF it was there. My mind would be put to rest to hear it from an expert. Thank you in advance for your help.


Hi Good for you in taking the steps to get educated regarding HIV and taking your time before you have actual intercourse. The answer to your question is no. HIV transmission occurs when there is a direct and prolonged exchange of body fluid. Your exposure did not have this happen. Your cut was old enough to not worry and yes once HIV leaves the body it begins to die and is unable to infect. The other step I would recommend is that you both receive testing so you know your status prior to moving forward sexually.

Be well and stay safe, Shannon