Cut on scrotum? Possible Exposure?


A little over six weeks ago I had sex with a sex worker in China. She gave me oral for about 10 seconds. then I put a condom on and had vaginal sex. Here's my concern: the day before I was triming my pubic hair and slightly nicked myself witht the scissors. A little blood appeared but wiped away. It was at the base of my penis where the scrutum meets. This tiny abrasion might have been exposed to fluids, I don't know. I got tested for all std's three weeks later and everything was negative. Then at six weeks for HIV and Hep C and both were negative. But I'm worried sick. I've noticed on my arms what could be petechiae maybe four in total. One on my palm, one on my forearm, and one on each bicept. My balls are periodically achy, and I did have fatigue and headaches but I was also quitting smoking around that time. I know I must get tested again after three months. Do you think there is a chance of exposure and what other stds have a window period that I should retest for?

One last thing, I have had under my scrotum what looks like a wart or maybe a clear mole. It has been there for years and a doctor told me just to keep an eye on it to see if it changes. Another Dr. froze it off but it returned about 6 months ago. I read that garlic can get rid of warts so four days ago I cut some up and left it on for three days with a bandage. But now all the skin around the wart is red and blistered, looking like jock itch and the wart is still there. But maybe it is herpes or something else. I will try to see a doctor this week to get it looked at.

Sorry, I know it's a lot of questions, I will make a donation. Thank you!



Your HIV-acquisition risk is extremely low. A routine STD screen now and an HIV-antibody test at the three-month mark is all that's recommended.

As for your wart/mole, you read that garlic can cure warts? No, silly boy. Garlic makes marinara sauce tasty and it may ward off vampires, but it definitely doesn't cure warts! Did you really cut up fresh garlic, apply it to your wart and secure it in place for three days with a bandage??? Pew! I'll bet you weren't too popular with coworkers in close quarters. I'm not surprised the garlic-treated wart is "red and blistered." I agree you should see your doctor without delay. Leave the garlic and other seasonings in the kitchen. I'd recommend you see a dermatologist to have the wart/mole properly evaluated and removed.

Dr. Bob