here is my case:

I was drunk when i decided to hire a CSW I used condom, the entire sex lasted for 20 seconds, and I ejaculated inside her with the condom. however, my paranioa is on the way i removed the condom,I pulled it at the tip, then i could see the semen as i remove the condom. im extremly worried that the semen may contain her fluid. i remember that when the girl removed her panty it smells like fish, which when i researched it is vaginosis which increases the risk of hiv. Then after sex i rushed to the bathroom to wash the semen on my penis. It hurts a lot, i noticed the 1 mm moist cut on my penis. i am paranoid that the hand that i touched with the condom containing the vaginal fluid may have in touched with the cut. I read an article on the net that washing after sex increses the risk of HIV.

After 2 weeks here is my ARS paranoia

  1. I feel weak and feel chills, my body aches, i could not remember if there is rash, no headache. I also notices that the left side of my abdomen hurts, seems like gas is on it passing. it persisted for 5 days, i cured it with ripe papaya. then after 3 days i have mouth sore, but i bitten my lips which probably started it, the mouth sore gives lot of pain, i also noticed a 2 slightly raised blister on my gums. then i got 1 painful lymph node on my left groin. however there is an inflamed wound on my left foot only small reddish from a scratch i think from mosquito bite.

After 2 days I noticed my throat is slowly becoming sore.

headache follows after 3 days which persisted with runny nose...

after 2 weeks my wife is feeling muscle aches, chills, low grade fever. then a rash which is at the start it is small flat reddish then after 2 days it became raised. the temp is 37.8 then the sickness is gone the day after..

Could this be ARS? AM i infected? what is my chance of contracting the virus?


Hi there:

From the situation you are describing to me, the risk of HIV transmission is low. The moment HIV leaves the human body it starts to die. Any virus present on your fingers would not be able to infect you. Furthermore, the virus would need direct access to your bloodstream for an infection to occur. That could not have happened just by touching your penis.

In regards to your symptoms, they could be from anything, even anxiety. You mentioned a wife. Does she know about this incident? In many cases, a partner steps outside of the primary relationship and then feels extremely bad about it. So bad that they start to exhibit physical symptoms.

If your symptoms persist, then I would suggest a visit to a doctor to determine other possible causes. I doubt it is HIV.

I would suggest a full round of STD screenings, including HIV at the three month mark. Certain STD's are transmitted via skin-to-skin contact. You will want to make sure you are free of all STD's for both you and your wife's sake.

In health,