cut mouth after oral...2nd try...donation made


I know that having cuts in the mouth would increase the risk of HIV tranmission from oral sex. In my case, however, I suffered a fairly bad cut to my lip/gums about 2 hours AFTER performing oral sex on a female escort (light licking, tongue did not penetrate). I rinsed with mouthwash immediately following the oral sex, but I am worried that there may have still been tiny amounts of vaginal fluid still in my mouth 2 hours later when I suffered the injury. Would this injury increase the risk of HIV transmission???




If the waiter delivers dessert to your table after you've paid the bill and left the restaurant, would you get fatter from the extra calories??? No, of course not. The same thing applies to getting a cut in your mouth two hours after "lunch at the Y," OK? You're stressed out over a nonexistent risk factor (cut post-cunnilingus). My advice is to realize that "stressed" spelled backwards is desserts! And that brings me back to my initial analogy. So, in short, enjoy dessert; forget the unwarranted stress.

Bon appétit!

Dr. Bob