Currently on pep, No side effects


Hi everyone,

I was had sex with a sexy worker this past Thursday ( 2 days ago). The condom broke in the process, and I noticed it 30 seconds after or less. I asked her what f she was clean, she answers yes but I highly doubt it due to the fact that she said d she'd let me have unprotected sex with her if I wanted. (I didn't) I never had unprotected sex in my life and I'm 21 years old. I went to get tested yesterday (less than 48 after exposure) , I was put on PEP. I took my first dose around 4:50 pm which makes it exactly 48 hours bit I'm not seeing any side effects so far. I haven't vomit yet, no headache, no weakness. I'm really frustrated. Please it'd be great if I can get some answers, thank you!

1- is that normal not to have any side effects 8 hours later after I took first dose of PEP?

2-what are my chances of pep working for me after I took first dose within 48 hours of exposure?

3- I went to Walmart to buy PEP. The pharmacy technician told me that if a doctor prescribed you PEP pills, you most likely have the virus but they don't want to tell you?

4- what should I be consuming while on PEP?


Hello and thanks for posting your questions about PEP.

  1. Really? It's perfectly normal and ok not to have side effects.

  2. PEP is very effective, especially if started within 72 hours of exposure, and there's at least some evidence that starting sooner is even better.

  3. The Walmart pharmacy tech doesn't know what she or he is talking about. PEP does not mean that you have HIV infection, only that you've been exposed.

  4. PEP regimens generally don't have a dietary restriction (but I'd ask your pharmacist or write back with the details of the medications your taking).

Hope that's helpful, BY