how cum u didn't post my whoo hoo


hey doc, i posted my whoo hoo yesterday, "whooo hooo world war 3 and HIV" was the tittle, did u read it, omg, I slept like an angel.



I did post it! (See below.) Give a guy a chance. I'm typing as fast as I can and, believe it or not, I do have other responsibilities aside from my efforts here to spread science-based HIV/AIDS information, calm anxious wrecks and hopefully engender a smile or two along the way. I just finished reading through nearly 500 questions. (That's equivalent in word count to the new Harry Potter novel, but I can assure you not nearly as engaging!)

By the way, you look a thousand percent better after your good night's sleep and without all the tears messing up your mascara.

Stay well. (I'm sure you will.)

Dr. Bob


OMG Doc it's Melvin, you were right, I still can't believe it, I tested today 91 days HIV negative, i'm shocked!!!! I had all the symptoms, fever, diarrea, muscle ache, stiff neck (probably from swollen lymph nodes), earache,white tongue, postnasal drip, stuffy nose, pain all over my body, headache, etc. I was 100% sure I was hiv positive, I was crying everynight before bed, at work, in public, i was a mess. I also thanked God because he listened to all my prayers. God Bless you!!! I had two exposure, one on April 1 and the other on April 5, that is one for 95 days and the other guy 91 days exact!!! Today I closed my window period, i'm moving on, i've learned so much about hiv and std's in this site, you are a here, I admire your work, you are an angel to me and to many other people. Now I can go back to my normal life, have protected sex 100% all the time, no more hooking up no more casual sex with hot hung guys (LOL) j/k. I'm so happy, i'm eating burger king I thought I lost weight but I have a lil belly omg I gotta go back to the gym. remember when I first wrote to you in June??? "Dear Dr Frascino, I asked a question before, but I didn't get a respond. I am a male 22 years old. I met someone on april 1, another male, and we had oral sex. I have bleeding gums, but he told me he was hiv negative. He sucked me and returned the favor too. On the Third week of april, I began to have muscle ache in my arms and a low grade fever, also I was constipated. on May 3, I woke up at in the middle of the night with diarrhea, fever, muscle ache. After 5 days, my fever was around 100 F, and I still had diarrhea, when I swallowed my ears popped, and my neck was stiffed, and my right ear bothered me so I began pulling it. I didn't experienced a rash, or vommit or nausea or a cough either I had a stuffy nose, and oral thrush as well. on May 17, all my symptoms was gone, except for the diarrhea, I had it almost the entire month. I got tested for HIV on May 8, and it was negative, its been almost 9 weeks and i'm really scared I cought HIV from this guy through oral sex. I'm so scared, i'm afraid I might be infected with HIV, I thought about committing suicide, because I didn't see any other solution. Please help me out. I didn't want to tell my doctor I suspected it was HIV and I wanted to get a p24 test to see if they can find any hiv enzymes or something. I have done so much research about HIV and the more I read, the more I am convinced I am positive. I cry every day, at home, work, everywhere, and its affecting my social life as well, I don't even speak to my friends, i'm really depressed, and I don't know what happened to me. Do you think I experience an HIV infection? or those symptoms are related to another STD or disease? Please help me, I need to hear some asnwers from a professional like yourself. I've read so many articles and I can't find a clear answer to my symptoms. I made a donation for $40 because I believe in making a difference in helping those who are in need. Thank you Doc, hope to hear from you." No MORE DRAMA IN MY LIFE!!! I'M FREE....I actually made it through my window period, omg omg!!!!!! you are a saint, an angel, you support everyone, God Blessed you, I know he did. I feel blessed too, another opportunity to make a better of myself. LOVE YOU VERY MUCH MELVIN ( I also made a small donation of $100, its not much but I know I can make a difference too)

Response from Dr. Frascino

Hi Melvin!

WOO-HOO!!! Now let's see, what did I write to you yesterday? Oh yeah, here it is: ". . . By this time tomorrow, you'll be writing me absolutely amazed that your anxiety caused such misery and that it was all completely unwarranted." BINGO! You're right on schedule, Melvin, and I couldn't be more delighted. I also wrote yesterday: ". . . I'll then add your testimonial to the gazillion others in the archives that have had exactly the same experience!" And that is exactly what I'm in the process of doing at this very moment.

Melvin, thanks for your donation! I'll send a formal, Miss Manners-approved, acknowledgement along with a small token of our appreciation via snail mail very soon.

Now remember, as the Divas Streisand and Summers once sang: "No more tears, enough is enough is enough!"

Be well. Stay well.

Dr. Bob

I can't stop crying Jul 4, 2007

Hello doctor Robert, I am the guy who wrote to u last month about my exposure with oral sex, and all my symptoms that lasted 8 weeks, tomorrow is my 91 day, so I have to test to make sure, I can't stop crying, i'm shaking, and my anxiety is killing me, please doc, I need your good luck karma for tomorrow, I am dehydrated from tears for more than 2 months. God Bless you Doc, I'll let you know my results tomorrow good or bad because I'm going to need your help. I am alone, I spend most of the day reading all the archieves, I think I read them all, I spend hours day and night reading trying to educate myself about HIV and STD's i've learned so much from you things I didn't know before. much love Melvin

Response from Dr. Frascino

Hello Melvin,

Stop crying. You're beginning to look like Tammy Faye Bakker before she had her eye makeup permanently tattooed on. It's not an attractive look! Get tested. I'll be waiting for your WOO-HOO.

Good karma sent. By this time tomorrow, you'll be writing me absolutely amazed that your anxiety caused such misery and that it was all completely unwarranted! I'll then add your testimonial to the gazillion others in the archives that have had exactly the same experience!

Happy Fourth of July, Melvin. (Happy Birthday America!)

Dr. Bob