Cum in my bum?


So my bf Tyrone drops his load in my ass( He is HIV+ BTW) and i push it out when I defecate, will I still get aids? PLS HMU if you know what to say bb >.< I'm scad


Hi there, I understand you are scared after this event. Unfortunately, a crucial piece of information is missing here, and that is his viral load.

If someone is HIV+, but undetectable for six months or longer, they cannot transmit their virus to others ( Even if they are undetectable for less than six months, their chances of passing on HIV to their partners are significantly decreased.

You also don't mention if you are taking PrEP to prevent HIV. PrEP is a daily pill that prevents HIV by more than 99% ( If your partner had a detectable viral load, but you were taking PrEP, then your chances of getting HIV are nearly zero.

If your boyfriend has a detectable level of HIV in his system and if you're not on PrEP, then you would be at some risk with his cum in your bum. Receptive anal sex is the most common way HIV is transmitted, and defecating afterward would not minimize that risk. Some people speculate that immediately pushing his cum out of your bum after sex may decrease the likelihood of HIV transmission, but I have yet to see any research to corroborate this theory.

If this potential exposure to detectable HIV occurred within 72 hours, then PEP (Post-Exposure Prophylaxis) may be recommended. (

If this happened more than 72 hours ago, your best bet is to get tested in about 14-28 days (depending on the kind of test you are given). During that time, it is important to refrain from having condomless sex with partners who are HIV negative. If you did contract HIV from your boyfriend, you would quite likely have a high viral load at this moment, and be quite capable of transmitting HIV to others.

I know this is scary, but perhaps will also be an opportunity to consider some future options. If your test results are HIV negative, then I'd highly recommend you consider using PrEP. Any doctor can prescribe PrEP, but there is a database of PrEP-sensitive providers around the world here:

If your results turn out positive, and you do have HIV, there is still good news. People diagnosed with HIV in 2018 have no significant differences in life expectancy than people not living with HIV if they get diagnosed early and get in treatment ( And again, people who are HIV+ and undetectable for six months or longer cannot transmit HIV to others, meaning that pleasurable experiences of cum up your bum need not be done.

I hope this information allows you to make healthy decisions about what to do next, and years to come.