CSR (Central Serous Retinopathy) any relation to HIV/AIDS


Good evening, first I want to thank you all for this great resource of information. Back in 2000, I was diagnosed with CSR, Central Serous Retinopathy. At this same time my HIV test was as usual, negative. I actively was tested every 6-12 months, always resulting with a negative result for HIV. CSR caused blurred sight and discoloring in my sight. I was diagnosed and treated with surgery and warned that I would need to keep ongoing watch for further recurrence. Since then, in 2002 I as diagnosed HIV positive with a high viral load, and extremely low CD4 count (16). My new doctor was very surprised at the level of viral load and the extremely low CD4, and questioned me if I was getting tested regularly. Of course I was and we then set out to figure out why such a fast onset of IOs and extreme depletion of CD4 cells. During my hospitalization, it was found that I have Aspergillus which contributed to the on going both bacterial and PCP Pneumonia adding to stained of OIs resulting in AIDS diagnosis. After three months of hospitalization, (a lot of IV drug treatment) I was sent home and on my way to long recovery. Now 15 months later, I am on antiviral treatment and have undetectable viral load and CD4 of over 950. There is a couple of questions I have. One, when I mentioned to my doctor that I was diagnosed and treated for CSR back in 2000, she told me that this was an early sign to HIV infection. Is this true possibly and or are there any medical studies that have found this information relative? Second, knowing I have CSR, does HIV drug treatment affect CSR? Third, I am showing, or rather seeing, some small effects of more leakage, CSR, and what is the best treatment and or therapy? In 2000 I had laser surgery to simple mend the holes, (create scare tissue inside the eye) to stop the leakage. Can this be done again? And forth and final, how do I find out more about Aspergillus, there seems to be very little information for me regarding this?



The follwoing website will give you the official patient's sourcebook on aspergillosis, available for purchase:


The follwong website, also recommended by Dr. Henry, is a good portal to information:


As for your central serous retinopathy, this is a generally benign, although occasionally recurrent, condition that has no clear association with HIV. The few case reports cited by Dr. Henry is his answer to this question speak more of an association than of one causing the other.