Cryptococcal Meningitis Survivor


Dear Doc Feinberg,

I recently read a few notes of people with Crypt. Meningitis that are losing hope or have lost it altogether. I want them to know that it is possible to survive and remain healthy for some time. I had Crypto Meningitis in 1998. It is now 2001, with Diflucan/Combivir/Viracept I've remained very healthy, withstood 2 surgeries for hernia & hemmoroids and still, to this day enjoy a very healthy lifestyle...bought a house, went to Europe, to California three times....and on and on. When I got sick, I was not only thinking I might die, but was totally down & out financially (no cash at all, and completely in the red). Please offer this information to your readers. Meningitis is terribly frightening and seems hopeless when you have it since you are partially or totally paralyzed. Please help those with Crypt Meningitis keep hope alive. It really is a tragedy that so many people choose not to use the drugs that have been invented to help them. Thank you for all your Q&A efforts. It is SO amazingly informative I wish everyone with HIV could know about your services. They are terrific!!!!!


Thanks for the compliment and even more, for sharing your experience with others. I hope other people with cryptococcal disease will derive real hope from your story.