Hi Dr. Young, you are a great doctor with a big generosity, thanks for what you do. My Cholesterol went high recently and my Dr. prescribed Crestor (rosuvastatin 10mg) I started two days ago and I wanted to make sure that there is no interaction with Atripla that I am taking at night? If yes what is the best drug you recommend that can lower the cholesterol and does not interfere with Atripla. Please answer me as you always did as I do not want to mess with my CD4 or VL. Thanks in advance.


Hello and thanks for your post.

Rosuvastatin (Crestor) should be safe to use with Atripla- It's one of the most potent of the lipid lowering drugs and while there are some interactions between Crestor and protease inhibitors, this is less of an issue with Atripla's medications.

In any event, if you were my patient, I'd monitor your symptoms and lab results within a month or two.

All the best and thanks for the kind commentary,