CraveOnline Polls Prove Men Aren't Quite Prepared When It Comes to Safe Sex

In honor of National STD Awareness Month, Evolve Media's CraveOnline conducted an online survey of men's sex lives. Results indicate that most of CraveOnline's respondents do not carry condoms when they go out, and most do not ask sexual partners whether they have been tested for STDs.

Although CDC data indicate there are 20 million new cases of STDs annually, 66 percent of the 2,000 survey participants reported they never get tested for STDs. A third of the respondents reported having STD testing every 6 to 12 months, and 11 percent stated they get tested every few years. A mere 28 percent reported having STD tests every 3 to 6 months.

Close to half of the survey participants (45 percent) stated they are not likely to inquire about STDs before having sex with a partner, and only 34 percent were "very likely to ask." A fifth of the respondents estimated they were "in the middle" on the issue.

In spite of the responses regarding testing and asking about partners' STD status, only 36 percent stated that carrying condoms is a "must" when they go out. Nine percent of participants reported carrying condoms occasionally, and 53 percent stated they never took condoms along for a night on the town.

Crave executive editor Jason Kobely hopes that releasing the survey results will encourage men to take a more active role in their personal health and to be more aware of safer sex practices.

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