cracked penis!!! not all cracks covered by condom DONATION-OCLOCK


hi dr bob I had sex with a woman and used a condom

later (a week or two) i realized that the skin on my penis is cracked and dry and IT BLED

i am not sure if the problem was present at the time of our having sex but if it was and some of the cracks were not covered by the condom (and as i said i did see one of these cracks bleed) would i be at risk for hiv?

please respond i am donating because i love your work here

i am also going to the dermatologist for my penis - the skin is all dry and hard for somereason with bands of irritation

thanks jesse


Hey Jesse,

If your Mr. Happy did have cracks at the time of your shag-a-thon and if those cracks were deep enough and fresh enough to be actively bleeding and if the condom didn't cover them and if your nookie partner was HIV positive, there would be at least a theoretical risk for HIV transmission. However, that's a lot of very big ifs, considering you didn't even notice your Mr. Happy was cracking up until a week or two after your mattress mambo!

I would rate your risk as extremely remote at best. If you're worried, get a single HIV test at the three-month mark. The odds are astronomically in your favor that you did not contract HIV from this sex-capade, OK?

I do think it's a good idea that you see a dermatologist to clear up whatever is cracking Mr. Happy up.

Thanks for your donation (

Stay well.

Dr. Bob