Dear Doc, are you aware of any research material tests done on Dolutegravir and its penetration effectiveness into the brain, (ie ability for the med to cross over and fight the HIV virus in this compartment? the CPE factor I think its called with rankings of (1-5). I am wanting to try and keep my brain free of potential negative brain complications with Sustiva as I get older and to remain independent.Thank you from Spore


Hello and thanks for posting.

The CPE is a way of trying to correlate the level of drug in the central nervous system (CNS) to that in the blood. Drugs with high CPEs reach the brain and spinal fluid, whereas drugs with low score don't. The relationship between CPE and brain function remains somewhat controversial, but in general reaching the CNS makes sense as a goal of therapy.

Dolutegravir does indeed cross the blood-brain barrier and reaches the spinal fluid. This has led authors to conclude that the drug
may be a potent drug for suppression of HIV in the CNS.

Hope that helps, BY