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Is Lockdown the Ideal Time to Test for HIV and Other STIs at Home?

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    Person with light skin and cropped, short brown hair bites lip seductively, while holding HIV oral test swab. The text on the image is in Bulgarian. Single Step’s logo is in the upper right corner.
    An example of a social media graphic Single Step uses to promote their HIV home test kit programs.Single Step
    Mobile screenshot of Checkpoint@Home’s STI test ordering page, “PrEP check” kit. Blood droplet, two smiling green bacteria, and a red/orange virus. Green box says “PrEP” with an image of a pill. There is an “Add to cart” button in black with white text
    A screenshot of Checkpoint@Home’s STI testing order screen. The PrEP Check kit includes kidney function testing as well as HIV, chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis tests, all of which can be ordered for delivery.Checkpoint Zurich
    Emmett Patterson

    Emmett Patterson

    Emmett Patterson is a longtime queer & trans health activist based in Washington, D.C. A community mapper and process dreamer, Emmett provides coaching and training on health, wellness, and sexual liberation at